Animal Shelter

Welcome to the City of Lincoln Park Animal Shelter home page. Our shelter only intakes dogs from residents of Lincoln Park. We currently do not accept cats.

The Animal Shelter will be open to the public Monday - Friday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

500 Southfield Rd
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

The City of Lincoln Park provides varied services, such as animal adoptions, lost & found animals, animal rescue, and responding to complaints of residents regarding neglected and loose animals. 

Stray Animals
If you are a resident of Lincoln Park, any stray animal may be brought to the shelter  between the hours of 1pm - 4pm Monday - Friday. 

The Lincoln Park Animal Shelter does not accept any wildlife brought to the facility. Transporting wildlife without a proper permit is against the law. 

Rat Poison is not provided by The City of Lincoln Park or The Animal Shelter.

Make sure to bring in your animals during cold and inclement weather.