2019 Road Bond Program

On January 22, 2019, Mayor & Council approved a resolution to move forward with the Road Bond Proposal. 

An addition $2.3 Million in road reconstruction and repair will be possible in 2019 due to the passage of this resolution. Please see below for a map of the work to be completed. 

How Are Roads Prioritized?

Hennesssey Engineers utilized 2-man crews to drive all street segments owned and maintained by the City of Lincoln Park. RoadSoft-GIS software was utilized to develop a comprehensive database of the City's roadway infrastructure and to provide surface ratings based upon the PASER rating system. This allows the City to prioritize roads for a long term capital improvement program. The ratings are for the surface of the roadway only. It does not evaluate the underground infrastructure. Hennessey prioritizes, based on available funding and grants, the roads that are in the most need of repair in an equitable manner. 

2019-2020 Road Bond Proposed Project Map

2019-2020 Road Project Summary