Emmons Blvd

The City of Lincoln Park has received funding through the State of Michigan for the milling and paving of Emmons Blvd, from Fort St. to the Ecorse Creek (City Limits). The funding  originally comes from the US Department of Transportation and is passed through the State of Michigan. The total estimated cost for the project is $953,800. The City will be responsible for an estimated $173,100.

The total scope of the project will be the milling and resurfacing of this section of Emmons Boulevard, including concrete pavement repair, concrete sidewalk ramps, and pavement marking work.  Construction should begin in July 2018.

*Update August 17*
Today the Emmons St project will be placing traffic onto the east side of Emmons, and resultantly so the traffic travel will be changing to only east bound travel from Fort St to the east to the City / Wyandotte border. West bound travel will be detoured off of Emmons St. Tomorrow the Contractor is supposed to be milling off the west side of Emmons St.. Notices have been delivered to the affected homeowners on Emmons St. yesterday

Notice to Residents