2018 Roads

Hennessey Engineers, The City of Lincoln Park's Engineering firm, presented the following "2018 Roads" plan to Council on December 18, 2017. The entire presentation is available here. Below is a brief summary. 

Hennesssey Engineers utilized 2-man crews to drive all street segments owned and maintained by the City of Lincoln Park. RoadSoft-GIS software was utilized to develop a comprehensive database of the City's roadway infrastructure and to provide surface ratings based upon the PASER rating system. This allows the City to prioritize roads for a long term capital improvement program. The ratings are for the surface of the roadway only. It does not evaluate the underground infrastructure. 
2017 road ratingsHennessey Engineers presented City Council with 4 Road Program Alternatives. On December 18, Council selected Alternative 1.

Alternative 1 includes:
Concrete Reconstruction:
  • Montie - Electric to Austin
  • Gohl - Michigan to Moran
Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Lincoln- Fort Park to Lafayette
  • Michigan - Abbott to Lafayette
Concrete Patch Repairs
  • Lafayette - London to Champaign
  • Merrill - Fort to Ferris
  • Highland - Fort to Ferris
  • Cleveland - West of Dix Hwy
Joint and Crack Sealing 

2018 roads