2019 Road Improvement Program

A special City Council meeting was held on October 24 to discuss the scenarios presented for the 2019 Road Improvements Program.   

The purpose of the study session was to discuss the proposed 2019 Road Sectioning, Milling and Paving, and Reconstruction Program for the City with the City’s consulting engineer, Hennessey Engineers. Those in attendance were able  to understand the process for how our engineers decided what roads to include and their justification for various road improvements for 2019. 

Hennesssey Engineers utilized 2-man crews to drive all street segments owned and maintained by the City of Lincoln Park. RoadSoft-GIS software was utilized to develop a comprehensive database of the City's roadway infrastructure and to provide surface ratings based upon the PASER rating system. This allows the City to prioritize roads for a long term capital improvement program. The ratings are for the surface of the roadway only. It does not evaluate the underground infrastructure. 

If you were unable to attend the meeting, the entire study session is now available for your review on our Youtube channel.

Two alternatives were provided for road improvements to be completed for the 2019 construction season with the recommended alternative to be completed being Alternative 1. Alternative 1 consists of completing the following streets: 

Concrete Reconstruction
New York Ave - Hazel to Helen
Howard Ave - Old Goddard to Ford Blvd

The design of this project is complete and water main permit applications submitted.  Project expected to go out to bid later this week with a May 1 bid opening.    Construction to start after July 1.  

Asphalt Resurfacing 
Lafayette Ave - Champaign to Southfield
Champaign Ave - Fort to Fort Park
Buckingham Ave - Dix to Porter
Wilson Ave - Russell to Montie

The bid opening for this project was held on April 3 with 5 bids received.  The low bid was received from HMC of Troy.  Currently working to obtain reference information and will have a recommendation of award for Council consideration at their May 6 meeting.  Construction to start after July 1. 

Concrete Sectioning
Emmons Ave - Dix to Winchester
Riverbank Ave - Lafayette to Fort
Philomene Ave - Riopelle to Dix
Fort Park Blvd - Council to Montie
Stewart Ave - Lafayette to Fort Park
Euclid Ave - Dix to Frank
Chandler Ave - Cicotte to Montie
Cleveland Ave - Ferris to Wilson

The bid opening for this project was held on April 3 with 8 bids received.  The low bid was received from Audia Concrete Construction of Milford.  A recommendation of award has been submitted for Council consideration at their April 15 meeting.  Construction to start after June 1. 

In addition, if bids are recieved lower than expected, the concrete sectioning of Alard Ave from Dix to Winchester would be added to the program. 

The total cost of all three programs is estimated at approximately $1,700,000.