Report a Concern: GFL

One of the most common reasons our rubbish collection contractors miss pickups is that they simply did not see it. It is important to place your cart so that the opening faces the street with the lid completely closed to avoid rubbish from falling into the street. Be mindful to make sure the cart is not blocked by a vehicle or other curbside items.

If GFL does miss your pickup, please fill out the form below to report that your solid waste, recycling, or yard waste has not been picked up. Filling out this form will help Lincoln Park and GFL track any residential missed pick-ups.  Please note, If your home was missed, please keep your garbage, yard waste, and recycling at the curb and it will be collected. Please do not take your containers in at night as they are working longer hours than usual. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Any missed pickup concerns submitted after 4 p.m. will be forwarded to GFL the following business day.

For more information regarding GFL services, please visit the Green for Life (GFL) page.

PLEASE NOTE: This form is for Lincoln Park residents only. If you live outside of Lincoln Park, please visit your city's website for information on how to report missed pickups.