Criminal Background & Fingerprinting Information

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Criminal History and Fingerprint Information

Background Check - Record Clearance - Criminal History Reports

The Lincoln Park Police Department Records Bureau can provide a local record check, but it is for activity in the City of Lincoln Park only.  The cost is $5.

Most requestors want a state-wide background check.

A state-wide criminal history is available on the internet from the Michigan State Police’s Internet Criminal History Access Tool (MSP’s ICHAT):

  • Go to
  • You’ll need internet access, a credit card and the cost is $10 per search.
  • If you plan on doing a lot of background checks, get an ICHAT account.
  • Other sites: MSP’s Sex Offender Registry and
  • Individuals needing a federal background check must be fingerprinted.



For applicant finger printing:

  • The closest commercial fingerprinting location we’ve found is in Dearborn near Southfield and Outer Dr.  Go to or call 866-226-2952.
  • Other vendors are listed on the Michigan State Police website:
  • This includes school employees, LCC/liquor license and other state license applicants.
  • CPL/CCW applicants need to be printed by the Wayne County Clerk’s Office, in Detroit or Westland.  Details are in the CPL application package.


LPPD will fingerprint criminals, plus applicants only for the following:

  • Individuals applying to set aside/expunge a court conviction, or applying for citizenship or immigration. The card is printed and given to the applicant for their packet.  Fee: $15.
  • Residents whose requests don’t require processing through the State/FBI, where the prints are put on a card and the applicant sends them somewhere else for processing. Fee: $15.
  • Prints required by local ordinance such as (non-Court or PD) employees and cabaret applicants. 
    No card is printed, prints are not sent to the State, fee is waived.
  • LPPD will process (send) applicant prints only for police and court employees and for police academy enrollees, since there is no cost to LPPD for this criminal justice employment function.
  • LPPD has no ink to print on applicant provided cards.

Driving records are available from the Secretary of State.