How To File A Complaint

The officers of the Lincoln Park Police Department do their best in response to calls for service from citizens and those people visiting or just passing through the city.  Our officers responded to over 25,000 incidents in 2010 and as Chief and a citizen I am proud of the work that they do.  I do recognize that there will be times when complaints arise from the way an incident is handled or the behavior of an officer or officers.  If a problem exists with the Police Department, I want to be made aware of it so it can be addressed.  This is the procedure to use if you have a complaint against an Officer, Detention Officer, or Dispatcher.

  1. Speak with a Platoon Supervisor about the incident.  It is preferred that you speak with a Supervisor assigned to the Platoon where the problem arose, but any Command Officer can take the complaint.  Often a complaint can be handled with the Supervisor’s explanation or counseling with the officer.
  2. Complaint form.  The second step is the Confidential Complaint form.  This form will be given upon request from the Command Officer on duty at the Front Desk.  It is preferred that the form be filled out at the Police Department so that you can be interviewed by a Command Officer.  (The complainant can take the form home.  The Command Officer is to document the person the form was given to and the date.)
  3. Command Officer Interview.  Once the form is completed a Command Officer will interview you in private to learn as much about the complaint as possible.
  4. Investigation.  The complaint will be investigated by one of the Department’s two Lieutenants.
  5. Resolution.  The completed investigation will then forwarded to the Chief of Police for resolution.  You will be notified in writing of the results.