If a SNOW EMERGENCY is declared, ANY AND ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM CITY STREETS. Failing to do so will result in parking citations and/or towing fees.

The Department of Public Service is responsible for plowing 230 lane miles of road during a snow event. Most streets require 3-4 passes until they're in satisfactory condition. Please keep that in mind and follow the below tips to help expedite our snow removal efforts.

Quickly removing your street parked vehicles allows for our DPS crew to clean significantly more snow during their first pass, reducing the time to clear the entire city. Additionally, removing your vehicle off street diminished the possibility of your car being "snowed in". 

Please subscribe to Nixle to receive up to the minute updates and snow emergency declarations. When a snow emergency is declared, that information will also be posted to the City's Official Facebook Page, City's signage, as well as local media outlets. 

Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists must remember that winter conditions mean slower going. You need to allow additional time to travel to your destination and, motorists should allow more distance to stop.