It's important for us to keep main roads clear for plows and emergency vehicles during extreme weather. You will be ticketed if you park in the street during a posted snow emergency.

Prior to a snow emergency being declared, City Officials closely monitor the storm utilizing all available information to make a swift decision when declaring a snow emergency. When a snow emergency is declared, residents will be notified through various means. Snow Emergencies will be posted to the City's official Facebook page, City's digital signage, Nixle, as well as on the local news stations.

The City takes great responsibility in declaring a snow emergency and takes great care in providing residents with sufficient time to move their vehicles. However, each storm is unique, so please plan accordingly before you leave for work during the winter. It is strongly encouraged to subscribe to the Nixle service to receive important notifications. 

During snow emergencies, residents without driveways or in need of additional parking spaces are permitted to temporarily park at local school parking lots or City of Lincoln Park owned parking lots. When doing so, please park together so plows can clear the rest of the parking lot. Sporadic parking makes clearing the rest of the parking lot more time consuming for our plow drivers. Cars must be removed from these temporary parking locations within 24 hrs. 

Working together, we will be able to provide the important services of our winter maintenance program. Illegally parked vehicles during a snow emergency are our biggest obstacle during our snow remediation efforts. Our plow drivers appreciate your cooperation and understanding as they work to get Lincoln Park's streets cleared.

Below is a map that highlights public parking areas throughout the city.