Wayne County Treasurer's Office PSA Series

Avoid Losing Your Home to Tax Foreclosure

If you are 3 or more years behind on your taxes, you must act immediately to stop Wayne County from taking your property.

STEP ONE: Find out if your property is heading to foreclosure: Visit or call (313) 224-5990.

STEP TWO: Determine if you can pay your taxes now or get on a payment plan: Paying off the earlier tax years in full or getting on a payment plan will protect you from losing your home. Visit the Treasurer's Office at 400 Monroe St. to pay your taxes or make payment arrangements. 

STEP THREE: If you cannot afford to pay: Call the Foreclosure Prevention Hotline (313) 405-7726 or email

  • Get an extension: If you are low-income, you may qualify for an extension with Wayne County or be eligible for financial assistance from the State of Michigan.
  • Get help with probate for a deceased owner: If the owner of the property is deceased, you can file a probate case and the property may be removed from foreclosure.
  • To reduce future taxes, ensure you have a principal residence exemption (PRE): To file or get additional info visit the City Assessor's Office or call 313.386.1800 Ext 1239.

Tenants or Land Contract Holders

If you rent or have a land contract, your options are different from those of homeowners. Renters should not pay their landlord’s taxes! Call the Foreclosure Prevention Hotline (313) 405-7726.

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