Guide: Winter in Lincoln Park

Take a look at some of the resources and services available to you so you can be better prepared when winter weather hits Lincoln Park.

It is strongly encouraged that all Lincoln Park residents subscribe, if you haven't already, to Nixle. This service allows the City to push urgent notifications to you in the event of a severe storm, emergency, or other information deemed most urgent. 

During the winter months, always plan ahead. Each winter storm is unique and with it presents unique challenges. We always strive to provide sufficient notice to residents when declaring a snow emergency. However, the timing of a storm wont always permit for us to notify you in advanced to remove your vehicles from street parking during working hours. 

Being prepared for winter weather and snow emergency declaration requires a multifaceted approach. Be sure to visit The City of Lincoln Park's Official Facebook page, Twitter, sign up for Nixle, review the latest forecast and exercise your own discretion and plan ahead. If you're unsure if a snow emergency will be declared, it's best to take caution and park any additional vehicles you  may have in your driveway or approved temporary City owned municipal lot before you leave for work.

The Michigan State Police, along with the Department of Homeland Security have provide an extensive Winter Emergency Preparedness Guide. An emergency or disaster can happen at any time, to anyone. By planning ahead and creating a kit, Michiganders will be better prepared for tomorrow.

This information is designed to give an overview about what to do before, during and after a winter hazard emergency or disaster. If there is a life-threating situation, immediately call 9-1-1. For information about human services available during an emergency or disaster, call 2-1-1

Winter Weather Emergency Preparedness Guide